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The Naud Family is perpetuating the legacy of pioneer Master Distillers, initiated by Emile Perrier. Using only copper pot stills and traditional methods, Naud Family has reignited the flames under the 5 pot stills in the ancient distillery in Pinthiers.


Naud Famille

Five Generations

French inheritors of a know-how which has been passed down by their liquorist ancestor Emile PERRIER, Jean-Michel and Pierre NAUD are perpetuating a legacy of bold Master Distillers initiated in 1923, revealing a selection of original and appealing spirits. The small scale of the Distillerie de Pinthiers, the Noble And Unusual Distillery allows Jean-Michel & Pierre to let their imagination run free and craft spirits in a different way.

The Art of Distillation

NAUD focuses on the precise art of distillation, whether it be cognac or other spirits. 

Master Distillers Naud


Built in the 19th century in the Cognac region, the ancient grain mill of Pinthiers, with its authentic paddle wheel, became the family distillery in 1936. Well hidden amongst the greenery and set upon a small island, the old limestone building, which is surrounded by linden and willow trees, is bordered by two arms of the River Seugne, which flows down into the River Charente. It is an outstanding distillery, hidden on its own island! 

Donjon Distillery Naud Spirits

1923 | Emile Perrier founds the Donjon Distillery in the heart of Pons.

After studying liquorice in Bordeaux and a career in prestigious liquor houses, Emile Perrier founded his very first liqueur distillery in Bussac-Forêt in Charente-Maritime at the end of the 19th century. In 1923 he set up the Donjon Distillery at 20, rue des Cordeliers in Pons.

1936 | The old Pinthiers grain mill is converted into a cognac distillery. The Perrier Distillery was born.

In 1936, on the island of Pinthiers, Jean-Gabriel, Emile's son, converted an old grain mill into a cognac distillery. He will install up to 5 small stills from the Speichim brand which will continue to be maintained by his son Robert.

Perrier Distiller Naud Spirits
Naud Distillery

1999 | Construction of the 1st vodka distillery in the Charentes region.

In 1999, Jean-Michel Naud, Robert Perrier's son-in-law, dared to build the very first vodka distillery in the Charentes region. Using 3 columns to be rectified, he began to produce French wheat alcohols and has been accompanying some of the most prestigious French vodka brands ever since.

2017 | Jean-Michel and his son Pierre bring the Perrier Distillery back to life.

It was in 2017, with his son Pierre, that Jean-Michel rekindled the flame of the 5 Charentais stills of the former Pinthiers distillery. While developing the family vineyard, the Naud Family perpetuates the line of pioneer Master Distillers initiated by Emile Perrier.

Naud Family



Copper Alembics


Distillation Columns


Hidden Distillery


Types of Spirits