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Multi-Platinum Recording Artist and Entrepreneur Jeezy Partners With French Brand Naud Spirits to Expand Brand Presence in the U.S.

Jeezy Naud Spirits

One of France’s Most Beloved Spirits Producers Teams Up with Entertainment Icon, Entrepreneur and Former Avion Tastemaker Jeezy to Grow U.S. Marketing Strategy

Atlanta, GA (September 28, 2021) – Today, Grammy-nominated artist, entrepreneur, philanthropist and media multihyphenate Jay “Jeezy” Jenkins officially announced a new partnership with leading liquor brand, Naud Spirits, best known for its award winning Cognacs and a growing line of other premium spirits, including vodka and gin. Naud is looking to build on its five generations of craftsmanship through Jeezy’s experience and proven track record building Tequila Avion into the third best-selling tequila in the US.

“Naud’s rich history as one of the most forward-thinking distilleries in France, combined with my knowledge and experience in growing brands, particularly in the hospitality and spirits industry, has tremendous potential to see explosive growth here in the U.S.” says Jeezy. “As I continue to grow my business portfolio, I look to brands, like Naud, that possess legacy experience but with a desire to push beyond conventionality for a better business.” Jeezy, famously known as a founding father of Trap music, has built a business empire over the past decade through real estate investments and brand partnerships.

He has ongoing roles working with brands and businesses such as Defiance Fuel and American Cut, appearing as the host of Worth a Conversation on Fox Soul and The (Re)Session Podcast, acting as Senior Advisor to Def Jam’s chairman as well as founding his own non-profit organization and full service sports agency. Prior to partnering with Naud, Jeezy served as Multicultural Advisor to Tequila Avion where he led the liquor’s rebrand, significantly contributing to the brand’s business success in the U.S. This latest partnership with Naud is set to be Jeezy’s biggest brand deal to date and will allow the seasoned mogul to strategically build his ever-expanding portfolio of businesses and brand partnerships through a high growth brand and industry.

“We are so excited to be working hand-in-hand with an accomplished artist and businessman of Jeezy’s caliber who can add the exact kind of innovative thinking and strategy we believe will help take our brand to the next level in the U.S. market,” says Pierre Naud, Sales Manager for NAUD Spirits.

Naud Spirits is historically known for its distinguished Cognacs, but in recent years has expanded its offerings in the U.S. to include gin and vodka, winning the 2020 Bartenders Brand Awards for design, taste, and value. Over the last century, five generations of bold and passionate entrepreneurs have crafted spirits in the ancient family distillery. Somewhat rebellious, the latest in line are looking to continue the business’ success through new and unexplored channels and partnerships.